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Chewy Fidgets

Chewing PENCIL Topper

Love Some Gear Inc

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Chewing PENCIL Topper
Chewing PENCIL Topper
Chewing PENCIL Topper

Silicone chewy robot shaped pencil topper. It fits snug on the pencil & is my 8 year old daughter's favorite (she is a rather aggressive chewer). She says it made her jaw and lips tired enough that she didn't want ot chew the inside of her cheek anymore.

Measures 1" x 2 1/2"

This style is great for those with a desire for mild - very aggressive chewing. It is FDA approved silicone, bpa & phthalate free.

These are a more socially appropriate way to provide oral motor input for kids who crave oral stimulation.

Helps to reduce chewing on clothing, markers, fingers, toys, paper, friends - and more....

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