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Hand Fidgets

Clip for Anxiety

Love Some Gear Inc

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Clip for Anxiety
Clip for Anxiety
Clip for Anxiety
Clip for Anxiety
Clip for Anxiety

Gorgeous fidget for people with autism, ADHD, anxiety, SPD, skin excoriation disorder or just plain busy hands! 
Use also for tracking the glasses of water you drink in a day, crochet rows, golf strokes, swim laps & more!
Looks amazing clipped anywhere or even used as a zipper pull!

Modern and functional, for adults or children - doubling as a therapeutic tool.
To use, just slide the nuts along the paracord (for tracking slide one at a time as goal is accomplished) or for fidgeting simply spin a nut in place or even just the end bead while your hand clenches the rest! 

Hex nuts are shiny zinc to deter rusting. The lobster clasp is very large and easy to manipulate. 
The cord used is a thin #95 paracord making this item very comfortable to use, yet sturdy enough to hang from your golf bag. 

Choking hazard: Contains small pieces. Not for children under 6.

The oil is in a 2 ml bottle with some space in it so as to allow the drops to flow out. It's diluted 50% (using organic grape seed oil) for caution with children.

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