About Us

The 2009 birth of my daughter had been 15 years in waiting. All was perfect with the pregnancy and we came home after my C-section (frank-breech) to a changed household. From the day my milk came in I knew something was wrong. Jadon's first year involved multiple hospital admissions as we battled severe GERD and it's complications. It was apparent that I had to quit working and be at home with her & the apnea monitor. Most reflux babies projectile vomit (hence the original name iPuke, Inc.) - while I was "lucky" not to have that problem, Jadon choked on her vomit and refused to let it out. Nonetheless, my business venture began with selling my handmade bibs and burp clothes.
Jadon has many sensory processing struggles and when she was teething would only use wooden things. In 2009, it wasn’t easy for me to find unpainted wooden toys for little ones. My daughter was eventually also diagnosed with high functioning Autism, OCD & ADHD. Our family experiences have continued to augment our shop as I design tools to help her cope & then offer them for sale. I’ve learned that many families must have similar needs! It’s been a great honor to help them and to develop custom items for their children.
Since 2009, many of my family members have come alongside me to help grow this unexpected child to whatever it's future holds. Custom orders are always welcome and one of a kind items are our specialty.
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